I am a UK freelance game and app developer with over 17 years commercial experience. I specialise in the design and development of games, apps and websites. I have gained extensive commercial experience developing several hundred interactive games as well as a huge array of other interactive media since 1996.


Happy New Year

Thank you to all my clients for your support in 2014. You have helped me have a rewarding year in 2014 with interesting challenges and exciting new projects. I look forward to working with you again in 2015. Please contact me if you would like to discuss any new projects. Best wishes for 2015!


January 09 2015

No news is good news

Nothing much I can report as I have been working on a fairly large contract job for several months. This job is coming to an end in the New Year so stay tuned for news of any new exciting projects.


November 18 2014

All Hush Hush in the Kitchen

We have spent the last 6 months working entirely on projects that we are unable to reveal the details of. We have therefore not had a lot to shout about on our news page. This work has included a large website for a very popular toy, a series of games for a well known children's entertainment website, a festive game for a major electronics company and also a prototype app for a prestigious UK educational establishment. Unfortunately we are unable to share the fruits of our labour due to all of this work being done as white label work.


March 18 2014


Wi-Five? (Flash Game)

Play Wi-Five? (Flash Game)

Liver Let Live (Flash Game)

Play Liver Let Live (Flash Game)

Stamford Jump (Flash Game)

Play Stamford Jump (Flash Game)


Mediakitchen was founded by Paul Steven in 2001 as a small but perfectly formed interactive media development company. Over a decade later with several hundred game titles developed, Mediakitchen continues to cook up original games, websites, apps and other interactive media using the latest technologies. Mediakitchen is based in West Buckland, which is between the towns of Taunton and Wellington in Somerset, UK.

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