Flash Game Design and Development

Mediakitchen specialise in the design and development of Flash games.

What is a Flash Game?

A Flash game is an interactive game developed using a multimedia development tool called Adobe Flash (formerly called Macromedia Flash). There are a number of different ways a Flash game can be deployed such as:

  • Published as an swf file that is playable in a Flash enabled browser

  • Published as an executable, playable as a standalone application on a Mac or PC

  • Published as an app for mobile devices

How much does a Flash Game cost?

We calculate the cost of developing a Flash game on an estimate of how many man hours it will take us to complete all the stages of the development plus any additional costs we may incur such as sourcing music and sound effects.

The key stages/elements in the design and development of a Flash game are as follows:

  • Discussing the game idea with the client
  • Development of the game concept
  • Preparing the game design document
  • Defining milestones in the design and development schedule
  • Sign off game graphical style
  • Preparing storyboards for game and level design
  • Creating graphical assets for the game
  • Creating or sourcing audio assets
  • Flash Actionscript game programming
  • Game testing and QA
  • Deployment and marketing

Some clients require our assistance with all of the above, whereas others may come to us just for help with one or more of the above elements.

Due to the variations in the level of assistance required for each game development project and most importantly the level of complexity of the game required, it is not possible to list a fixed price for the development of a Flash game.

However rest assured that the development of a Flash game does not have to cost a fortune and as there are no agencies involved you will not get charged large agency prices.

We are happy to advise what is possible within your chosen budget so if you have a project in mind that you would like to discuss please get in touch now.

Flash Game Genres

There are many game genres and it can be often difficult to classify a game into a particular genre as some games may fit into more than one genre.

Here is a list of some common game genres:

  • Action Games
  • Adventure Games
  • Casino Games
  • Educational Games
  • First-person Shooter Games
  • Puzzle Games
  • Medical Games
  • Sports Games
  • Role-playing Games (RPG)
  • Strategy Games

Flash Game Examples

Liver Let Live

Liver Let Live is a Flash platform game we were commissioned to design and develop by the British Liver Trust.

British Liver Trust Flash Platform Game

British Liver Trust Flash Platform Game

Play Liver Let Live