Moonchester Mission (Flash Game)

Moonchester Mission involves controlling a character in a fast paced space themed scrolling platform game who must make his way through 16 levels collecting footballs as he goes.

Moonchester Mission Splash Screen

Release date: September 2012"

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Blackout (Flash Game)

Blackout is one of a series of Flash educational games for the energy company E.ON. One of the key aims of this series of games is to teach children how to stay safe around electricity. In Blackout, you guide a character called Sparky through a house which has had a blackout. Sparky has a torch to guide him but the batteries keep running out so you need to collect batteries to be able to see.

Blackout game splash screen visual

Release date: August 2011"

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Liver Let Live (Flash Game)

Flash game developed for the British Liver Trust. The game was developed to highlight the risks of liver disease and raise awareness of liver cancer. The game levels introduce the risks of alcohol, fatty foods, the hepatitis B virus and hepatitis C virus. Hats off to those who manage to battle through to level five where all the risks of liver disease have to be avoided to protect the liver.

Liver Let Live Splash Screen Visual

Release date: June 2010"

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Chuckie Egg (Shockwave Game)

Remake of the classic eighties ZX Spectrum game Chuckie Egg. The format of this game is Director Shockwave and requires the Director Shockwave plugin.

Chuckie Egg Director Shockwave Game

Release date: September 2000"

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