Memorise (App)

Memorise is a compelling game designed by Clinical Neuropsychologist Dr Jonathan Reed in conjunction with Mediakitchen. Play is simple – you just have to copy the light sequence. It is surprisingly addictive. The game has been developed to implicitly improve working memory. See how high your working memory span is and play the game to improve it.

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Release date: February 2014"

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Tomato Tumble is a fun game designed to help develop children’s understanding of numbers. The game is set in a greenhouse full of tomatoes. A fun character, Belinda Bee, will ask your child basic number questions and they have to click on the tomato showing the right answer. When the child gets the answer right they are rewarded with the tomato bursting and praise from Belinda. If they miss an answer, Belinda shows them the correct one - a no error approach that will help to maintain their motivation and keep learning fun.

Tomato Tumble

Release date: October 2013"

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Reading with Word Patch (App)

Reading with Word Patch is a fun game designed to help children to learn to read. It has been devised by Dr Jonathan Reed Child Neuropsychologist based on his clinical practice and the latest research into reading. Reading with Word Patch builds on our other game Phonics with Letter Lilies, which teaches phonics. Reading with Word Patch teaches children to blend letter sounds (synthetic phonics), which is one of the building blocks of learning to read. It also teaches the child to automatically recognize the 100 most frequently occurring words in English. This improves reading fluency.

Word Patch Screeshot

Release date: July 2013"

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Button Board (App)

Button Board is a fun and educational game that introduces colours through creative play. The game offers the child a selection of bright and colourful pictures and a tray of coloured buttons. Each picture has a number of holes that the child must fill using a matching coloured button. Feedback on the child’s attempts at matching the colours is provided via sound effects as well as the use of fun smiley faces and frowns on the buttons.

Button Board grab

Release date: September 2012"

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Ball Frenzy (App)

Our first game developed for the mobile platform, Ball Frenzy is a fun, addictive soccer puzzle game. Developed using the Corona SDK and available for iPhone, iPad and Android.The game features support for both Game Center and OpenFeint. Check it out, and let us know your thoughts.

Ball Frenzy Visuals

Release date: April 2011"

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