Mbango Mail Madness (Flash Game)

Mbango Mail Madness is a fun Flash driving game developed through an agency for the Planet charity. The aim of the game is to help Mbango deliver the mail across the rugged African landscape. You need to be quick though as you are up against the clock! There are several levels to play each getting progressively more difficult.

Mbango Mail Madness Splash Screen Visual

Release date: June 2007"

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Pizza Rapido (Flash Game)

Flash racing game developed for the now defunct Sky Kids website. Pizza delivery is a tough job! Dodge the traffic and get to your destination in time, or you'll end up with a very angry customer!

Pizza Rapido Splash Screen Visual

Release date: March 2007"

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Jobman (Flash Game)

Flash game developed for the Guardian to be used at graduate recruitment fairs.

Jobman Splash Screen Visual

Release date: August 2005"

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Kung Fu Basil (Flash Game)

Basil Brush Flash Kung Fu Game. Protect yourself from the attacking JellyBabies.

Kung Fu Basic Visual

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