Blaster Ball (Flash Game)

Blaster Ball is here. The object is easy, destroy the cones and your enemy with your super powered footballs to get points and move onto thenext level.

Blaster Ball Splash Screen Visual

Release date: October 2010"

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Ball Blitz (Flash Game)

Ball Blitz is a Flash game developed for the official Chelsea Football Club website. This addictive game is a football themed game that has a definite marbles feel to it. The aim of the game is to knock all the opponents balls off the pitch before the opponent knocks your balls off.

Ball Blitz Flash Football Themed Game

Release date: August 2008"

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Bone Sweeper (Flash Game)

Fun packed Flash game for the official Sooty Show website. Silly old Sweep has buried his bones in the garden and forgotten where he put them! Assist Sweep finding the missing bones by selecting the squares for him to dig. Be careful though because water runs through the garden! If you dig up a water geyser, Sweep will get soaked and you'll lose a life!

Bone Sweeper Splash Screen Visual

Release date: July 2008"

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Morning Pitstop (Flash Game)

Morning Pitstop is a game developed via an agency for the promotion of a new electrical razor for Philips.The game is comprised of 6 mini-games depicting a character waking up in the morning and getting washed, dressed, fed and shaved. The aim of the game is to get ready for work as fast as you can so you will have to be quick!

Morning Pitstop Splash Visual

Release date: March 2008"

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Snail Racers (Flash Game)

Action packed Flash snail racing game.

Snail Racers Flash Racing Game

Release date: September 2007"

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