Piggy Bank Master (Flash Game)

Flash target shooting game for RBS / Nat West Pocket Money website.

Piggy Bank Master Splash Screen Visual

Release date: March 2011"

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Blaster Ball (Flash Game)

Blaster Ball is here. The object is easy, destroy the cones and your enemy with your super powered footballs to get points and move onto thenext level.

Blaster Ball Splash Screen Visual

Release date: October 2010"

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Liver Let Live (Flash Game)

Flash game developed for the British Liver Trust. The game was developed to highlight the risks of liver disease and raise awareness of liver cancer. The game levels introduce the risks of alcohol, fatty foods, the hepatitis B virus and hepatitis C virus. Hats off to those who manage to battle through to level five where all the risks of liver disease have to be avoided to protect the liver.

Liver Let Live Splash Screen Visual

Release date: June 2010"

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Wi-Five? (Flash Game)

Wi-Five is a very simple, fun, online healthcare game used to raise awareness of the World Health Organization's (WHO) Five Moments for hand hygiene approach. Mediakitchen worked with the NPSA to develop the game concept and then to design and develop and market the game.

Wi-five game visual

Release date: April 2009"

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Sloshed Santa (Flash Game)

Take control of Santa in this festive Flash game as you stagger down the cobbled streets. Christmas is fast approaching and Santa has been having more than his fair share of festive spirit so you will have to be pretty steady handed to keep Santa out of the gutter.

Sloshed Santa Splash Screen Visual

Release date: December 2008"

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